Brazil: An Aspiring Global Power

Photo: Caio Bruno (Flickr)

In the article “Brazil: An Aspiring Global Power”, Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert (PRIO), Kristian Hoelscher (PRIO), Pinar Tank (PRIOand Benjamin de Carvalho (NUPI) discuss the role Brazil seeks to play on the international arena, in light of its engagement in humanitarian action and peacekeeping.

The authors examine the economic transformation and domestic reforms which allowed Brazil to lift 30 million people out of poverty, and how it is now seeking to further this social engagement abroad, without nevertheless overseeing the “growing pains that accompany the rise to global status”.  They then discuss the particular ways in which Brazil approaches issues of international peace and security.

“Brazil’s position is unique in that it has adopted a stance that challenges traditional Western norms, yet without confronting the Western paradigm as a whole. Placing itself at the boundary between North and South, its reformist ideas may well help Brazil to play a bridging role between different conceptions on what the ‘international community’ should do when faced with rapidly escalating conflicts and humanitarian crises.”

Pointing out that “Brazil has begun to assert its own ‘brand’ on the global stage”, the authors outline the country’s new modes of international engagement in the pursuit of international influence.

The entire article, published in the International Affairs section of Government Gazette, is available here.