The rise of the humanitarian drone – New journal article in Millennium

Photo: Ed Schipul via Flickr Creative Commons

Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (PRIO) and Kjersti Lohne (UiO) explore and define the emerging concept of the humanitarian drone in their latest peer-reviewed journal article “The Rise of the Humanitarian Drone: Giving Content to an Emerging Concept”, published in Millennium: Journal of International Studies.

In their critical examination of actual and anticipated transfers of drones from the global battle-space to the humanitarian emergency zone, Sandvik and Lohne explore the humanitarian drone as a “war dividend” arising from the transfer of surveillance-, cargo-carrying- and weaponized UAVs. Reflecting on the ways military practices and rationales may shape the humanitarian use of drones, the authors discuss the implications UAV technology may have for humanitarian action.

The article is available here.