Øystein H. Rolandsen

Senior Researcher, PRIO

Øystein H. Rolandsen is a Senior Researcher at PRIO and area specialist for East Africa and the Horn of Africa. Rolandsen also has several years of experience in development sector. He has a PhD in History from the University of Oslo. Rolandsen’s research has focused on Sudan and South Sudan, both on current topics and recent conflict history. In 2012 he held a research fellowship at Durham University. Øystein H. Rolandsen’s publications include scholarly monographs and articles as well as popular science and policy-oriented contributions in Norwegian and English.

One of Øystein H. Rolandsen’s research foci is the analysis of the political, social and economic context in which humanitarian aid programmes are implemented and the impact of interventions on these contexts.  This research spans the politics of war-time humanitarian aid programmes to the intended and unintended impact of peace keeping missions. In recent years Rolandsen has carried out several research projects analysing local dynamics in post-war South Sudan where, among other issues, humanitarian and development challenges are investigated within a setting of a weak state apparatus, comprehensive war legacies and poverty.

Selected publications:

Rolandsen, Øystein H. (2013) Sudan: Beyond Repair? The Role of Foreign Involvement in the Shaping and Implementation of the Sudan Comprehensive Peace Agreement, in Eriksson, M. & Kostic, R. (eds) Mediation and Liberal Peacebuilding: Peace from the Ashes of War? Routledge.

Rolandsen, Øystein H. and Ingrid Marie Breidlid (2012) “A Critical Analysis of Cultural Explanations for the Violence in Jonglei State, South Sudan.” Conflict Trends 1: 49–56.

Rolandsen, Øystein H. (2011) “A Quick Fix? A Retrospective Analysis of the Sudan Comprehensive Peace Agreement.” Review of African Political Economy 38, no. 130: 551–64.

Rolandsen, Øystein H. (2009) Land, Security and Peace Building in the Southern Sudan. Oslo: International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO).

Rolandsen, Øystein H. (2007) “Sudan: The Janjawiid and Government Militias.” In African Guerrillas: Raging Against the Machine, 151–170. Boulder, Co.: Lynne Rienner Publishers.

Rolandsen, Øystein H. (2005) Guerrilla Government: Political Changes in the Southern Sudan during the 1990s. Uppsala: Nordic Africa Institute.

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Protection and displacement in contested borderlands: The case South Kordofan refugees in Yida, South Sudan