Brita Fladvad Nielsen

Research Fellow, NTNU

Brita Fladvad Nielsen is a recent graduate from NTNU with a Ph.D. dissertation framing the characteristics of the humanitarian market. Her dissertation is entitled “Framing humanitarian action through design thinking”.

Brita holds an Masters of Technology degree in industrial design engineering from NTNU which she received in 2005. Since then she has broad experience both from working with the United Nations, the Norwegian peace corps initiative Design without Borders, and recently from working with applied research directed at the humanitarian market.

Her research focus is on creating opportunities for private and public sector partnerships within the humanitarian market as well as creating improved possibilities for humanitarian innovation. It further suggests a multi-stakeholder approach to include vulnerable end-user needs more successfully into the agendas of humanitarian stakeholders. This approach is based comparing Ethiopian and Norwegian worldviews of humanitarian action at the crossing point between a stakeholder and ethnographic research project including humanitarian refugees in the Ethiopian context.

Selected projects:

The Humanitarian Innovation Lab

Selected publications:

Nielsen, B. F. (2016). The Humanitarian Innovation lab dialogue series: Defining the ‘how’s’ of humanitarian innovation at NTNUNordDesign 2016, 196-205.

Nielsen, B. F. (2014). Out of Context: Ethnographic Interviewing, Empathy, and Humanitarian Design. Design Philosophy Papers, 12(1), 51-64.

Nielsen, B., & Santos, A. L. R. (2013, October). Key Challenges of Product Development for humanitarian markets. In Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC), 2013 IEEE (pp. 411-415). IEEE.

Nielsen, B. F. (2014). Design trade-offs for sustainability in humanitarian markets: The case of off-grid energy. Journal of Sustainable Development, 7(2).

Nielsen, B. F. (2014). THE REFLECTIVE DESIGNER: A DISCUSSION ON ETHICS BASED ON END-USER INVOLVEMENT IN KEBRI BEYAH REFUGEE CAMP. In DS 77: Proceedings of the DESIGN 2014 13th International Design Conference.

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