Astri Suhrke

Senior Researcher, CMI

Astri Suhrke is an internationally renowned expert with forty years of experience. Dr. Suhrke is a political scientist with broad experience in academic and applied research. She has worked on the social, political and humanitarian consequences of violent conflict, and strategies of response. More recently, she has focused on the politics of humanitarian policies in the UN system, concepts of human security and peacebuilding.

Astri Suhrke holds a Ph.D. in International Relations from the Graduate School of International Studies, University of Denver, Colorado, USA. Her dissertation was completed in 1969, and is titled: “Small-state behavior in a regional defence alliance: The role of Norway and Belgium in NATO”.

Selected Projects:

Afghanistan: Protection against everyday violence and civilian casualties of war

Selected publications:

Suhrke, Astri (2015) ‘From Principle to Practice: US Military Strategy and Protection of Civilians in Afghanistan‘, International Peacekeeping, 22 (1), pp. 1-19.

Suhkre, Astri (2014) ‘Human Security 15 Years after Lyøsen: The Case against Drone Killings‘, Asian Journal of Peacebuilding, 2 (2), pp. 185-198.

Hakimi, Aziz & Suhrke, Astri (2013) ‘A Poisonous Chalice: The Struggle for Human Rights and Accountability in Afghanistan‘, Nordic Journal of Human Rights, 31 (2), pp. 201-223.

Astri Suhrke (2013) ‘Afghanistan Seen Trough Different Lenses’, International Studies Review, 15(2), pp. 1-4.

Suhrke, Astri & Berdal, Mats (2012) The peace in between. Post-war violence and peacebuilding, London/ N.Y.: Routledge 335 p.

Suhrke, Astri (2011) Eksperimentet Afghanistan: Det internasjonale engasjementet etter Taliban-regimets fall, Oslo: Spartacus 333 p.

Suhrke, Astri (2011) When more is less. The international project in Afghanistan, New York/London: Columbia/Hurst 293 p.

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Afghanistan: Protection against everyday violence and civilian casualties of war