Amanda Cellini

Administrative Coordinator, PRIO / Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies

Amanda Cellini works at PRIO as a Research Assistant and Administrative Coordinator for the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies, a joint PRIO, NUPI and CMI initiative for research and policy discussions in Norway on humanitarian issues. ​​She previously was a Graduate Research Assistant at the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs (NUPI).

Current work

Cellini’s work focuses on forced migration, humanitarian governance, migration management systems, the history of durable solutions with an emphasis on refugee resettlement, and the Nordic region. She is additionally working on the TRANSWEL and BraGS projects at PRIO.​

Selected publications

Cellini, Amanda (2017). The resettlement of Hungarians in 1956. Forced Migration Review, 54 (February 2017, Resettlement): 6-9.​​


  • ​MSc, Human Rights and Multiculturalism, University College of South-Eastern Norway
  • ​BA, International Relations, Rhodes College