NCHS researchers participate in conference Gender Perspective on Demography and Conflicts

April 27, 2017

Photo source: Norges forskningsråd The Research Council of Norway, Norad and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs convened a conference on 27 April, “A gender perspective on demography and conflicts“, to present results and policy recommendations from research on population, gender, peace and security. Four NCHS researchers presented work during a session titled “Women, Peace and Security”: […]

Sande Lie publishes article on the formation of a humanitarian-development nexus

April 19, 2017

In his newly published article From humanitarian action to development aid in northern Uganda and the formation of a humanitarian-development nexus in Development in Practice, Jon Harald Sande Lie (NUPI) discusses the formation of a humanitarian-development nexus. The instituted order of humanitarianism is both changing and challenged. Sande Lie’s article addresses the transition between humanitarian action and development […]

Heian-Engdal participates in Cappelen Daams historieseminar 2017

March 30, 2017

On 28 March, Marte Heian-Engdal (PRIO) participated in Cappelen Daams historieseminar 2017. The program of this year’s annual history seminar was inspired by Brexit, the US presidential elections, and the populist movements in Europe today. Heian-Engdal gave a presentation titled “Middle East diplomacy in the time of populism”, discussing the effects of Brexit and the […]

Sandvik and Cellini participate in Global Challenges – Nordic Experiences Conference

March 24, 2017

On 20-21 March, Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (PRIO/UiO) and Amanda Cellini (PRIO) participated in the conference Global Challenges – Nordic Experiences hosted by UiO:Nordic at the University of Oslo. UiO:Nordic intends to provide new knowledge about Nordic countries and models, including their historical preconditions, challenges, paradoxes and opportunities for the future. The 2017 conference aimed to […]

Jumbert and Sandvik participate in RSC Conference 2017

March 21, 2017

On 16-17 March, Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert (PRIO) and Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (PRIO/UiO) attended the Refugee Study Centre (RSC) Conference, “Beyond Crisis: Rethinking Refugee Studies” at the University of Oxford. The conference was convened to reflect on the evolution and future role of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, assessing what kinds of knowledge, evidence, and concepts […]

Sandvik included in new PoLAR Virtual Issue on Immigration

March 13, 2017

    Kristin Bergtora Sandvik’s (PRIO/UiO) article Blurring Boundaries: Refugee Resettlement in Kampala — between the Formal, the Informal, and the Illegal has been included in a new PoLAR Virtual Edition on Immigration. PoLAR notes that This virtual edition is to complement the APLA series, Speaking Truth to Justice: APLA/PoLAR Respond to the Trump Executive […]

Heian-Endal participates in Saladin-Dagene 2017

March 10, 2017

Saladin 2017 was held from 6-8 March 2017 at Litteraturhuset. NCHS researcher Marte Heian-Engdal participated in two events: On Monday 6 March, Heian-Engdal participated in a conversation, After the Gaza War, with Nazmi Al-Jubeh and Hind Khoury, discussing how history can help understand the current situation in Israel and Palestine. On Wednesday 8 March, Heian-Engdal introduced and […]

Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies – Annual Report 2016

March 8, 2017

The NCHS Annual Report for 2016 is now available! You can read the report online or download a copy here. The report, among other things, gives an overview of the projects, events, blogs and publications of the Centre for the year of 2016. Further information about NCHS researchers and affiliates is available here.

Lohne and Sandvik publish article bringing Law into the Political Sociology of Humanitarianism

March 7, 2017

In their newly published article Bringing Law into the Political Sociology of Humanitarianism in Oslo Law Review, Kjersti Lohne (UiO) and Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (PRIO/UiO) discuss the role of legal sociology in the study of humanitarianism. Over the past few years, the study of humanitarianism has emerged as an interdisciplinary subfield in international political sociology. Lohne and […]

NCHS represented at ISA 2017

March 1, 2017

This year’s Annual Convention of the International Studies Association (ISA), with the theme of “Understanding Change in World Politics”, was held in Baltimore, USA from 22-25 February 2017. ISA has been the premier organization for connecting scholars and practitioners in the fields of international studies since 1959. With well over six thousand members in North […]

Sandvik participates in ALNAP Annual Meeting

February 20, 2017

On 14-15 February, Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (PRIO/UiO) participated in the session, “Responding to changes from outside the sector: information technology and social media” during the 31st Annual Meeting, Changing Humanitarian Action?, of ALNAP in Stockholm, Sweden. Sandvik argued that information technology is playing both offense and defense to aid in attempting to do “no harm” and […]

Cellini publishes article on the resettlement of Hungarian refugees to Norway and Sweden

February 10, 2017

In her newly published article The resettlement of Hungarians in 1956 in Forced Migration Review, Amanda Cellini (PRIO) compares the resettlement of Hungarian refugees to Norway and Sweden that began in 1956. The response for the nearly 200,000 Hungarian refugees in 1956 is considered one of the most successful demonstrations of international solidarity to find […]

Newly published in French – Humanitarian technology: a critical research agenda

February 7, 2017

Based on the 2013 Critical Humanitarian Technology Project undertaken by PRIO and NCHS, Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (PRIO/UiO), Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert (PRIO), John Karlsrud (NUPI) and Mareile Kaufmann (PRIO) have written the article “Humanitarian technology: a critical research agenda“. Originally published in the International Review of the Red Cross in December 2014, the research article discusses the opportunities and challenges of using new technology for […]

Hauge discusses food security challenges in Haiti in new policy brief

February 2, 2017

              In the recently published policy brief Haiti’s Food Security Challenges, Wenche Iren Hauge (PRIO) discusses the effect of changes in domestic economic policy and the frequency of natural disasters has on food security in Haiti. During the two last decades Haiti has been hit by hurricanes, droughts, floods and a […]

New funding granted to NCHS researchers

December 20, 2016

Several researchers affiliated with the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies have recently received funding for new projects from the Research Council of Norway’s FRIHUMSAM funding program. Below is a list of the new projects: Developmentality and the anthropology of partnership, led by Jon Harald Sande Lie. Empires, Privateering and the Sea, led by Benjamin de Carvalho. […]