The Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies aims to promote and facilitate critical and relevant research on key humanitarian issues. The centre serves as a hub for research and policy discussion, and features a national network of scholars working on humanitarian issues from outside the three core institutions. It also features an extensive network of international humanitarian scholars. The centre is a joint CMI, NUPI and PRIO initiative.

Recent blog posts

Give Us Your Phone and We May Grant You Asylum

October 18, 2016 — Written by Rocco Bellanova (PRIO), Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert (PRIO), and Raphaël Gellert (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Most Importantly a Nobel for the Colombian People and the Victims of the Civil War

October 7, 2016 — Written by Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (PRIO/UiO)

The future of refugee resettlement: Will the September summits make any difference?

September 28, 2016 — Written by Adèle Garnier (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

Brazilian Peacekeeping: Challenges and Potentials in Turbulent Landscapes at Home and Internationally

September 26, 2016 — Written by Eric Cezne (University of Groningen), Eduarda Hamann (Igarapé Institute)

Refugee resettlement as humanitarian governance: The need for a critical research agenda

September 13, 2016 — Written by Adèle Garnier (Université Libre de Bruxelles), Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (PRIO/UiO), and Liliana Lyra Jubilut (Universidade Católica de Santos, Brazil)

Survey: Most humanitarians favour the use of drones in disaster zones

September 8, 2016 — Written by Denise Soesilo (Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD))

Reflections on World Humanitarian Day: Old stakes and new challenges for humanitarian aid workers

August 19, 2016 — Written by Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert (PRIO)

Building Humanitarian Studies: High scores for the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies in external review of HUMPOL

August 8, 2016 — Written by Maria Gabrielsen Jumbert (PRIO) and Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (PRIO/UiO)